Funkadelic — Maggot Brain

Complete insanity

Album score: 7.7
Audio score: 7.5


Source: Local FLAC files (16 bit/44.1 Khz)
DAC: Topping D30 Pro
Pre-amp: Suca Tube-T1 (JAN 5654w tubes)
Amp: Topping A30 Pro
Cans: Audeze LCD — X
EQ: Small bass-boost, mid-bass boost and small boost around 4kHz

Album review:

Score: 7.7

There is no way that anyone involved in the production of this album, from musicians to mixer to mastering, was even remotely sober. Funkadelic. Funk + Psychedelic, lord do they live up to their name. Let’s start with the funk part. “Let’s see how funky these guys are’’. [37 minutes later]. “Yeah oke, you’ve made your point”. I’ve been banging my head pretty much continuously throughout this album. It’s funky. It’s very funky. It’s extraordinarily funky. How do I describe it? FUUUUUUUNK. That’s how I describe it. Let’s move on.

Psychedelic? You say Psychedelic? Well, you are right. This album is bananas. It’s bonkers. It’s complete insanity. From screaming, to monkey sounds, to lyrics that sound like some people didn’t sleep for a few consecutive days, to cows mooing, to fart sounds, to … to …….It is total, total insanity. In a good or in a bad way? That’s the question that follows of course. My answer: I have no idea. I guess … good? I don’t think my sober brain is qualified to talk about perception in a different dimension. The album literally sounds like an acid trip. It is very creative, all over the place, impressive and unpolished. If that is what you are after (“that” being the wildest jam session I’ve ever heard), then this album is for you. It feels like one insane improvisation. Some things stick, some things don’t. Who cares? Plenty of juiciness to go around.

It could be brilliant, it could be random, it is what you make of it. But Funkadelic takes you on a journey. It doesn’t matter if you are ready or not. Press play and YOU. ARE. COMING. WITH. US. Oke Funkadelic. Thanks for the trip. I’ll surely visit you guys again in the future, perhaps more prepared. So let’s revisit the question: In a good or in a bad way? The answer is in a good way. And if you don’t agree, then you can just stay in the dimension that you currently reside in.

Audio review:

Score: 7.5

That some people make trippy music is one thing, but that the way the album sounds is just as trippy is something else. Earlier I stated everyone involved wasn’t sober. I stick by that. The guy who decided to constantly sweep audio from left to right to left and back to right and on and on and on and on, he wasn’t sober. The way he uses distortion in the most creative way. All amazingly weird. Not amazing from an audiophile perspective, but sometimes creativity is simply more important, so up to this point, nothing but praise.

What is not so amazing, is the deafening background hiss throughout the entire first track. The hiss is so loud, that I thought something was wrong on my side. I switched to Tidal to verify my files weren’t bad. I turned off the tube pre-amp, but the noise stayed. After the first track, the hiss was gone. This hiss completely wrecked the experience of the first track for me. Which is quite unfortunate, because there are a lot of very creative sound effects and soul crushing guitar solos in it.

All in all, I would describe the sound of this album as follows: it is as if everything is constantly flying around you in the least relaxed way imaginable, but it is impressive and interesting. It is not beautiful, but very creative. The album sounds good. Since “good” is a 7 in my book, I give this album a 7,5, for doing what nobody else does and it sort of works out.

Regarding the tube pre-amp, this time it isn’t cheating. Turns out almost all tube pre-amps don’t make any audible difference, they are only used as a buffer to lower output impedance. Just a recent bad purchase that I am still verifying if I really can’t hear any difference. I don’t think my playback got colored by the tubes.

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Hi! I write music album reviews where I focus on 2 areas: The music and the audio quality.

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SoundGeek Reviews

SoundGeek Reviews

Hi! I write music album reviews where I focus on 2 areas: The music and the audio quality.

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